Don’t Throw the Printing Press out With the Bathwater

In the digital era, you may see no point in printing advertisements, contracts or other paper-based materials. After all, your customers can find out everything they need to know online, and they can even choose products using your online store. While it’s true that the Internet has reduced the need for paper products, you still need to print the following items.

Dont Throw the Printing Press out With the Bathwater


Labels require different printers, such as those found on They are integral to your marketing, particularly if you run a small or new business. Labels remind customers who produced their purchases and unify the look of your store. Every label should include your logo, the product’s information and your website. Bigger labels may also have your phone number, address and hours.


Stickers are not the same thing as labels since they do not provide details about an item. Instead, they are promotional materials and only include your logo. Provide stickers to customers who purchase large orders or sell them for a few dollars at your checkout. Stickers are particularly popular among children and young adults, and while you may scoff at the idea of printing stickers, they will greatly increase your company’s visibility. You may be able to use your label printer to create stickers.


Thanks to the availability of contract software online, you do not need to print contracts between you, your vendors and important clients. However, many people like to see the terms of a contract in print, especially if they have difficulty reading on a screen. Electronic signatures are just as valid as printed ones, but you can increase a situation’s formality by providing paper copies to sign.


You can email fliers to your customers, but they receive so many promotions that they will probably not open your messages. Instead, print fliers with details of upcoming sales, events or new products and place them by your cash register. Encourage your customers to take a few as they leave and to share them with their friends and family. Additionally, place fliers throughout your community, such as in businesses with which you have a professional relationship and community gathering spaces.

The Internet has revolutionized how you conduct business, and most of those changes help you. However, don’t completely turn your back on printed materials. By continuing to print labels, stickers, contracts and fliers, you make transactions easier on your customers and increase your visibility.

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